For nearly twenty years now I have been able to offer a professional and cost effective medical communications consultancy option through close collaboration with medical writers (members of EMWA, European Medical Writers Association, and AMWA, American Medical Writers Association) in the Nordic countries, Germany, the UK and the USA. Over the years we have worked closely and successfully with several leading national and international key opinion leaders. The circulation figures for our publications and response and recall to our advertising campaigns (occasionally at record level) speak for themselves.

     In recent years our main focus has been on illustrated reporting from international medical conferences (see samples below). Comprehensive, high-quality scientific symposia reports of the kind we’re offering could provide a valuable tool to help our clients deliver their key scientific messages to the wider medical community. In our experience, clients in the ethical pharmaceutical industry regard this type of medical educational material as excellent value of money in terms of key message penetration, opinion leader development and overall return on investment. Our clients are provided with the major advantage of getting the whole package in one hit: text, photos, accurate graphs and references in an appropriate and attractive graphical design, without the additional hassle of commissioning and managing a full agency.

• Symposia reporting and proceedings booklets
• Reporting on international medical conferences (e g DDW, ACR, UEGW and EULAR)
• Textbook production in collaboration with leading scientists
• Magazine/newsletter production
• PR/media activities
• Pharmaceutical launch campaigns
• Product monographs
• Brand design

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Collaborating partners:
Maria Dalby, Stacey Chapman Tobin, Ingrid Edsman, Cito Habicht, Kari Skinningsrud
Cito Habicht
Maria Dalby, Ingrid Edsman
• Christina Johnsen
• Kari Skinningsrud 

Tillsammans med medicinska skribenter (medlemmar av EMWA, European Medical Writers Association och AMWA, American Medical Writers Association) från Norden, Tyskland, Storbritannien och USA erbjuder jag sedan snart tjugo år ett kompetent, kostnadseffektivt konsultval inom medicinsk kommunikation. År efter år har vi haft förmånen att få samarbeta med en lång rad ledande nationella och internationella forskare och professorer. Våra publikationers upplagesiffror och våra annonskampanjers uppmätta läs- och observationsvärden talar sitt tydliga språk. Aktuellt just nu (oktober 2013): rapport från epilepsisymposium i Stockholm. 

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Maria DalbyStacey Chapman Tobin, Ingrid Edsman, Cito Habicht, Kari Skinningsrud
Cito Habicht
Maria Dalby, Ingrid Edsman
• Christina Johnsen
• Kari Skinningsrud 

På senare år har tyngdpunkten legat på dokumentation i ord och bild av internationella medicinska kongresser och symposier (se exempel nedan). Denna typ av förtroendeskapande och samtidigt kunskapsförmedlande kontakt med läkarkåren har av våra uppdragsgivare betraktats som mycket värdefull. Bilden nedan visar vad en sådan rapport kan innehålla:

Conference Report


Symposium reports (urology and anti-infectives) for Astellas Pharma.


Symposium reports (psychiatry and rheumatology) for UCB.